Mia Castle

I was fortunate early on in recognizing the importance of parenting support that brings immediate relief and lasting results. As a Certified Educator, a Happy Parent Trainer with a degree in psychology, I have worked decades with parents from many countries, continually seeing the practical benefits of empowering parents and children through education in the nature of Intelligence, truly knowing what it is to be a "Happy Parent". 

As there are many circumstances facing parents and children today, I specialize in addiction support, LGBT support and empowerment for kids and parents and death/grief support.

Currently, I am enjoying life in Marin, Ca.

Cheyenne Rivers

After years of trying to live up to my own expectations and well intended efforts as a mother, I found permanent and immediate relief through understanding the true nature of intelligence. This resulted in the parent I always wanted to be. Nurturing and caring for my two children has been completely enjoyable and easeful through the years, even in times of challenge. I feel honored to be a Certified Educator and Trainer with Happy Parent, offering support for families globally with respectful relating, stability and empowering gifts, strengths and talents for the benefit of all. I live in Missoula, MT and also work as a teacher in public and alternative schools.

Susan Orison

Through the empowerment and education in the nature of Intelligence, I am supporting my own diverse family, my daughter and trans-gender partner. Together we have experienced a lot of joy and challenges. Because of the foundation of relying on the Happy Parent Support Network, which is a vital component of Happy Parenting. I have maintained continuous stability, life satisfaction and complete well being. I have been involved in twelve step programs for over 26 years and have worked closely with many parents and families.

Susan Orison is a parent of a 16 year old and lives in Sun Valley, Idaho. She supports parents around the world by sharing her own direct experience of empowering relationships in her family, with a focus on the LGBT community.

Victoria Colligan

As a licensed marriage, family and child therapist, directing parenting and domestic violence prevention programs throughout my career, I was introduced to the benefits The Four Mainstays Support Network of Happy Parent and recognized the results for adults and their children, deciding to put my full time effort in supporting parents, grandparents and child care providers in relying on innate discernment, clarity and personal empowerment through opening intelligence. I am currently living in San Francisco Bay area and am the mother of three adult children. 

Kent Bjorklund

As a psychotherapist, family therapist, and teacher working with children and parents, I came to realize that there are no rulebooks in being a parent. Rather there is a spontaneous wisdom and intelligence present when we relax body and mind instead of trying to micromanage our thoughts and emotions.

Our own state of mind and what we bring into any relationship is the single most important key factor.

Being a father and grandfather a simple, yet profound, education in the nature of mind has given me more love, compassion, clarity and ability to really listen, opening mind and heart to my kids and everyone I work with, then any other training.

I live in Sweden and enjoy being with my three adult children and two grandchildren interacting and sharing a life full of laughter, harmony and empowerment despite the challenges appearing.