Formerly the Massive Parenting Training

From the first moment of relief in the introduction to open intelligence, its benefits are obvious. By the very simple, yet radical process of training in open intelligence, mental and emotional stability, clarity, insight, skillful-means and general well-being becomes increasingly accessible. These results are ensured by The Happy Parent Support Network, the complete support package which includes four mainstays:


A simple practice that can be relied upon in each moment of everyday life: Short moments of open intelligence, repeated many times until benefit is pervasive at all times. Briefly acknowledge open intelligence again and again and it becomes obvious all of the time.


Experienced certified trainers.


Trainings in person, through video/tele-conference online.


A worldwide community of empowered parents who relate respectfully to their children as human beings, while accessing spontaneous skill in response to everyday life with kids.

This exceptionally potent method grants access to a powerful intelligence that is not usually noticed.